AECOM’s joint venture, Advatech, provided all services required to install a wet flue gas desulfurization (FGD) on TVA’s Bull Run Fossil Plant. This project aligns with TVA’s vision of being a leader in providing low cost, cleaner energy. The Bull Run Fossil Plant is located on Bull Run Creek near Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and is the only single-generator coal-fired power plant in the TVA system. Construction of the plant began in 1962 and was completed in 1967. The 900-megawatt plant burns a blend of medium and low-sulfur coals and uses approximately 7,300 tons of coal a day.

The Bull Run FGD system comprises a twin-tower single, double contact flow scrubber (DCFS) with a 900-megawatt absorber that processes the flue gas from a single boiler. The twin tower DCFS module utilizes the air rotary spargers for combined oxidation and agitation. The single twin tower DCFS 900 megawatt absorber is currently in operation and achieving greater than 98 percent SO2 removal efficiency.


  • Award winning project: Power magazine, named a Top Plant of 2009; Environmental Business Journal, 2009 Project Merit Award—Air Pollution Control
  • Project schedule met despite disruption of design activities in Advatech’s New Orleans’ office from Hurricane Katrina
  • Met all TVA safety goals and achieved over 1,000,000 man-hours with no lost time incidents
  • Over 98% SO2 removal achieved without additives
  • Lessons Learned program resulted in both cost savings and schedule improvements