Student growth at the California State University Long Beach meant it was time for the university to start expanding. In particular, the science program needed a new state-of-the-art facility, and AECOM Hunt knew their extensive experience with similar higher education buildings would make them the perfect match for CSULB and their new Hall of Science.

The new facility features 160,000 square feet of research, teaching, office and lab space on four floors. When you enter the building, you are greeted by a main lobby bustling with student activity, thanks to four of the buildings’ largest classrooms and a conference center in that area. The building now serves the biology, physics, sciences, education, chemistry and geology departments.

As with any campus job, ensuring student safety in a tightly confined space, while not disturbing the daily activity of the university, proved to be a challenge. Restricted working hours and careful coordination of deliveries were critical in keeping disruptions to a minimum. In the end, the owner said he couldn’t have been more pleased with the work performed and the quality of the end result.

LEED Silver Certification was achieved through the use of numerous programs such as the strategic placement of the building and the use of greenhouses on the roof. The New Hall of Science has provided CSULB with the tools to continue to grow countless programs at its university and will allow the university to bring in more students with more flexibility.