A major socioeconomic development, the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) will drive the country’s growth, creating a global manufacturing hub with 13 industrial areas and 11 investment regions, encouraging foreign investment and increasing industrial output and exports.

AECOM is currently involved in a number of smart city projects bordered by the DMIC, providing a variety of services. One of the most significant projects in the region is the Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) located in Gujarat.

Providing program management services, we are performing activities necessary to plan, integrate, package, administer and manage the implementation of DSIR projects. Our team of professionals are also responsible for the conceptualization of projects including feasibility studies and preliminary designs. AECOM is also assisting in developing marketing and financial strategies and negotiations as well as recommending several innovative ideas to boost investment, conserve scarce resources and protect the city against natural disasters.

DSIR, planned over an extensive area of land measuring approximately 920 square kilometers, will be the largest city planned along the DMIC corridor. The city will have smart and sustainable infrastructure spanning transportation, water, power, wastewater, drainage and urban design.

By 2050, the city will have the capacity and resources to support a population of two million and provide employment for around 800,000 people. The creation of a sustainable urban transport system will ensure that residents will be able to easily travel to neighbouring cities as well as other parts of the country.