DIRECTV sought to create a high-energy work environment that reflects their brand, sparks far-reaching collaboration, improves employee engagement, and leads innovation through enhanced productivity and performance. DIRECTV opted to create a campus within its existing architecture, dividing 830,000 sq.ft., over 37 floors in four buildings.

In order to understand DIRECTV’s drivers, and translate them into their new campus, AECOM interviewed 42 departments, including more than 300 members of senior leadership and more than 1,000 employees on the El Segundo campus.

Increased collaboration space—including open workstations along the perimeter, glass offices at the core, and the addition of more conference room options—were just some of the ways AECOM responded to DIRECTV’s needs.

Special amenities include a training and conference center, a state of the art media viewing room for VIP guests and research, a 10,000 sq.ft., fitness center to support their wellness program, a coffee bar and cafeteria where fresh food is prepared daily and where different seating arrangements serve as alternate meeting space throughout the day. Direct access to the exterior courtyard was enhanced by adding doors where outdoor seating is arranged around the fountain.