Since 2010, the Hsinchu Science Park has been fully occupied with no available land for new tenants. Even after the completion of the Baoshan Site 1 expansion plan, the space in this industrial park remained scarce.

To address this issue, the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau (HSPB) kicked off a second expansion plan on Baoshan Site 2. This aims to meet the needs of land use and maintain the park’s position as one of the world’s most significant centers for semiconductor manufacturing, industrial and computer technology development.

The project site is located in Baoshan Township, Hsinchu County, Taiwan and covers 81.01 hectares and 9.01 hectares of land on the eastern and western sides of Freeway No. 1. Once completed, it will provide an additional 48.18 hectares of leased area for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company’s (TSMC) two-nanometer (2nm) research and development plant, the first to develop the 2nm process in the world.

After conducting the environmental impact assessment (EIA) of Hsinchu Park’s Baoshan Site 1, AECOM was again appointed by HSPB to conduct the EIA of Baoshan Site 2. The assessment scope includes health risk assessment, electromagnetic waves, as well as those for water and terrestrial areas. As the project swings in full motion, our AECOM team gives its full commitment in delivering EIA services of the highest quality.