With a 52 percent market share, the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is the leading provider of integrated circuit manufacturing services in the global semiconductor industry.

In addition to having the most advanced technology, TSMC believes that advanced backend services are a crucial part in providing customers with complete wafer services. Hence, the TSMC sought to set up the Zhunan Plant, with advanced backend services as one of its key objectives in order to maintain its competitive edge as a global technical leader.

In accordance with the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Act and related regulations, TSMC appointed AECOM to conduct the EIA of the Zhunan Plant. The AECOM team conducted various investigations and assessments in compliance with the requirements and the operating standards of the EIA Act, and proposed the necessary measures to mitigate possible risks. The team successfully passed the review of the EIA committee and accomplished the client’s expectations.