Remediation services are a key part of our environmental engineering capability to provide compliance solutions to the oil & gas and automobile industries, keeping transportation low carbon and environment-sensitive both on the road and at the station.

Formosa Oil (Asia Pacific) Corporation, a subsidiary of Formosa Group established in 1999 owns and operates over one hundred of gas station in Taiwan. Soil and/or groundwater contamination were found at many Formosa Oil gas stations. AECOM is providing remediation services at Formosa Oil’s Miaoli Gas Station located at Miaoli intersection of Taiwan No. 1 Freeway with contaminated area of 1849.11 square meters. Based on the investigation results from Taiwan’s Environmental Protection Agency in 2011, contaminant of concern is the total petroleum hydrocarbon such as diesel. The contamination hot spots are located at pumping island and tank area.

AECOM introduce the concept of Remediation Treatment Train, dividing into two stages, excavation with soil chemical mixing polishing for the site hot spots (UST area) in the first stage, and then in the second stage clean soil will be backfilled after excavation confirmation sampling. The in-situ thermal technology with integration of vacuum-enhanced multi-phase extraction system will be applied in the second phase. In-situ thermal usually has proofed performance record for fuel/solvent contaminated sites. Site contaminant can be easily volatilized by heating the soil to around 100 degrees Celsius. AECOM plans to meet the remediation target within two years.

During the initial remediation investigation phase, AECOM assists client to fully understand site condition and plan overall site remediation strategy. The environmental forensics will be conduct to help client’s liability litigation.