AECOM was commissioned by a leading energy company to provide a holistic purchaser technical, operational and environmental and safety due diligence assessment of an integrated provider of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) systems, with multiple operating locations across the Northern hemisphere including UK and US sites and more than 500MW installed capacity under management.


Our experts in power, operations and HSE in the target geographies, undertook a comprehensive data room review, visited target-owned manufacturing facilities, engaged in face-to-face interviews with its senior management, and undertook sample visits to its key power generation assets. The technical and operational due diligence included:

  • Assessment of manufacturing and operational site condition, a review of operational asset data including maintenance logs and relevant KPIs
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of remote monitoring and control of the installed assets from the target’s central control room
  • Estimated costs to maintain/retrofit installed equipment and to keep installed site conditions compliant with the target’s contractual obligations.

AECOM also reviewed the target’s production capacity, stock, order backlog and primary supply chain relationships, assessed its staff skills, and reviewed its unit production cost and production capacity utilisation. The environmental, health and safety due diligence included an assessment of potential contamination and legal compliance liabilities associated with the target’s production facilities, together with potential contractual EHS liabilities relating to the operation of the installed power generation units at customer’s premises.


We provided considerable support during technical negotiations, working alongside our client’s legal advisors to ensure a multi-disciplinary review of deal-critical issues, which were identified early in the due diligence process avoiding unexpected surprises, and allowing appropriate consideration in the deal financial model.