AECOM’s deep experience serving Hong Kong’s railway originated back to 1970s when AECOM first introduced the transit-oriented development to this land-sacred city. This milestone feasibility study sets into the next decades AECOM’s partnership with city’s railway network development.

AECOM conducted a feasibility study for the review and update of the Second Railway Development Study from the Railway Development Office of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region’s Highways Department. The overall objective of this new study is to review and update the findings and recommendations of the Second Railway Development Study, taking account of the latest planning data, to formulate a comprehensive railway development strategy for Hong Kong up to 2031. The preferred railway network expansion plan will emphasize the need for a safe, reliable, efficient, and environmentally acceptable rail system to help sustain the economic and social development of Hong Kong.

AECOM will be responsible for project management, engineering, planning, environment, sustainability, construction, rail operations, rail systems, and public engagement activities. MVA, our principal sub-consultant, will provide support on transport planning, modelling, and economics.

This project is a key strategic milestone for AECOM which allows us to extend our role in the planning of Hong Kong’s railway network into another decade. AECOM has an unparalleled track record on railway-related studies in Hong Kong, having played a major role in the planning of all railways and extensions in the past 20 to 30 years.

AECOM was also a key player in the development of both the First and Second Railway Development Studies in Hong Kong, which laid the foundation for railway planning up to 2021.