Sustainable urban development is water-consuming for many types of every-life and economic activities. AECOM’s environmental engineers help the water-sacred Kinmen County in search for alternative water-resources from seawater desalination.

Water supply dependent on lakes and reservoirs has been unable to meet local water demand inTainan along recent urban development. The risk of water shortage arises quite easily due to depleted groundwater and unstable traditional water supply. In order to have stabilize municipal water supply, develop water-sensitive tourism and recreation, and conserve groundwater resources, the improvement of water supply in Kinmen has become a major task to complete.

The project includes rehabilitation of the existing desalination plant with a capacity of 2,000 CMD, and design of the desalination plant expansion with an additional capacity of 2,000 CMD. The influent water into RO unit does not meet the requirement due to overloaded sand filter upstream which leads to RO fouling and water shortage problems. The rehabilitation of the desalination plant will improve functions of pre-treatment units and enhancing RO design to solve the original problems and build well equipped and functional desalination plant to relieve water supply pressure in Kinmen.

The project will be carried out in four stages, with key tasks including basic design, bid management,environmental assessment and compliance, construction supervision, and technical document review and consultation.