At AECOM, we are dedicated to creating environmentally friendly solutions that enhance the livability of urban spaces while meeting key challenges related to climate change and urbanization.

Core commitment to Nature-based solutions

Nature-based solutions (NbS) are at the heart of AECOM’s pledge to build a sustainable future in Hong Kong. Our initiatives, exemplified by the river and channel revitalization in San Tin Technopole, not only mitigate the potential impact of climate change but also foster a seamless integration of natural, rural, and urban environments.

Embracing innovation, we have devised an approach currently underway in the pivotal zone of the Northern Metropolis. Through meticulous planning and integration, a nature-driven water system, comprising restored rivers, retention ponds, and wetlands, seamlessly intertwines with open green spaces, forming a harmonious blue-green network. This initiative fortifies our city’s resilience against future challenges by bolstering drainage capacity and safeguarding neighborhoods from flood risks.

Designing major landscape corridors

Central to our design is the creation of major landscape corridors along key locales including the proposed Sam Po Shue Wetland Conservation Park and the San Tin Eastern and Western Main Drainage Channels. These thoughtfully designed corridors serve as focal points for various activities, enhancing the overall liveability and promoting interaction among the community as alternative public spaces. Beyond aesthetics and neighborhoods, they also play a vital role in preserving and enhancing biodiversity.

Key features of our project

  • Revitalization of Rivers and Channels: The existing river channels in San Tin are in poor condition. In the past, they have been straightened, widened and lined with concrete to improve flood capacity. Additionally, the rivers are highly polluted. We’re breathing new life into the river and channel systems in San Tin Technopole, improving water quality and integrating natural design elements to promote biodiversity. The restored rivers will provide an enhanced habitat for key species of conservation importance found in the San Tin Area such as wetland avifauna, fish and dragonflies.
  • Climate Resilient Water Systems: Our innovative approach includes the creation of a nature-driven water system featuring naturalized river/drainage channels, retention ponds, and wetlands seamlessly integrated with open green spaces. Retention ponds within the San Tin Technopole have a capacity of approximately 279,000m3, allowing rainfall to be temporarily stored during storm events to prevent flooding.
  • Landscape Corridors: We are developing major landscape corridors along critical areas such as the proposed Sam Po Shue Wetland Conservation Park, enhancing the overall livability and promoting community interaction as alternative public spaces.

A sustainable future for Hong Kong

Through this endeavor, AECOM is dedicated to crafting environmentally friendly solutions that enrich the urban landscape while mitigating the impacts of climate change. Our focus on implementing Nature-based Solutions (NbS) aims to foster a sustainable future for Hong Kong. Through strategic planning and integration, we aim to revitalize rivers, harmonize with nature, and build a resilient future within the San Tin Technopole, fortifying both wildlife and communities.