Alabama Power’s Plant Miller is a four-unit coal-fired electric generating facility located about 20 miles northwest of Birmingham, Ala., on the Locust Fork branch of the Black Warrior River. The Southern Company subsidiary contracted with AECOM joint venture Advatech to install flue-gas desulfurization (FGD) systems on Units 1 through 4 at the plant to reduce sulfur dioxide (SO2) as part of their overall environmental compliance strategy. The Miller project was accomplished by adding a wet FGD system to a boiler burning Powder River Basin (PRB) coal. This successful air quality control project has resulted in one of the nation’s cleanest coal plants operating at 100 percent availability for FGD during availability period.

Advatech furnished the FGD systems and supervised the Stebbin’s absorber installation on Units 1 through 4 at Plant Miller. The state-of-the-art Double Contact Flow Scrubber (DCFS) technology installed at Plant Miller is capable of controlling multiple pollutants (SO2, SO3, particulate matter, mercury, other metals and acid gases). Because of its simple internal configuration, the design is robust and typically achieves 100 percent availability.


  • Consistently achieving 95 percent SO2 removal efficiency from all four units
  • First time this technology—four single-tower Double Contact Flow Scrubbers with Jet Air Sparger technology used for oxidation—has been used for PRB coal designed to achieve 95 percent SO2 removal efficiency
  • System uses pre-ground limestone, a less expensive reagent than the lime used in dry FGD systems, and produces exceptionally pure saleable gypsum
  • Power Engineering Magazine’s Best Coal-Fired Project 2011