The S11 Expressway is a major road in Poland, linking the north and the south of the country. 

We were appointed to oversee both the design and construction for two new sections of the route in northern Poland – a 16.8-kilometre section and a 19.3-kilometre section, both of which will run southwards from the city of Koszalin.  

Working with the Polish National Roads Authority (GDDKiA), we are providing construction supervision, construction management and advisory work, including design review prior to – and during – the construction of the works for this ambitious project. 

As well as helping to reduce congestion on the existing route, the new S11 Expressway is also expected to boost tourism by improving accessibility across the country. 

What is AECOM’s role on the S11 Expressway?  

As design and construction supervisor, we are coordinating all activities and administration from pre-construction to the construction and post-construction stages for both sections of the route. 

This includes supervision and management of the works contract on behalf of the employer in accordance with the FIDIC Yellow Book, which is a practical guide developed by the International Federation of Consulting Engineers for design-build construction projects, and Polish construction law. 

We are cooperating with the works contractor to prepare a user-friendly works programme, assessing risk, potential impact and developing remedial actions where necessary, and providing ongoing monitoring throughout the works – as well as clear and accurate reporting to the employer. 

The new route is expected to boost tourism by improving accessibility across the country. 

How will the S11 Expressway consider the environment and local communities?  

Our team is supervising the implementation of various environmental protection measures included in the works contract, such as animal passages and culverts and roadside planting. 

One crucial aspect of the project is limiting disturbance during construction, which is where our expertise has been pivotal. The installation of noise barriers, for instance, will largely eliminate acoustic disturbance and vibrations for both humans and wildlife living in the vicinity. 

When complete, the new road will deliver several long-term benefits such as reducing traffic and congestion on the current route. 

In addition, the new expressway will benefit drivers by shortening journey times and increasing road safety through measures such as reducing the number of intersections and slip roads. 

A safer, more connected road network across Poland 

The S11 Expressway is of both local and national importance in Poland.  

As well as increasing convenience, the new route will support the development of the region’s economy and boost the capacity of the national road network. 

Thanks to our expertise, we are helping to ensure the smooth and timely delivery of the works within the allocated budget – and contributing towards a positive legacy for the country.