In a bold and transformative city-building endeavor, AECOM and our joint venture partner are honored to be selected by the Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD) of the HKSAR Government. Our mission is to sculpt Hong Kong’s new horizon with the San Tin Technopole Innovation and Technology City—the cornerstone of the expansive Northern Metropolis blueprint.

Covering 610 hectares, San Tin Technopole will bolster innovation and technology, residential spaces, community and commercial facilities, and other vital infrastructure in Hong Kong.

Innovating Urban Spaces: Design to Digital Excellence

Our comprehensive design and digital services span 250 hectares of this innovation hub, encompassing design, supervision, site formation, engineering infrastructure, landscaping, and environmental measures. We are also leveraging BIM and Digital Twins to enhance project delivery and outcome.

Our multidisciplinary expertise in urban development, planning, engineering, and digital services empowers us to collaborate effectively and forge a vibrant, sustainable community that champions innovation and technological advances.

Pioneering Low Carbon Urban Living

Strategically sited near Shenzhen’s Innovation and Technology Zone in Huangang and Futian, this ambitious project plays a central role in the extensive development of the Northern Metropolis, envisioned as a new International Innovation and Technology hub. With a commitment to integrated low carbon infrastructure, San Tin Technopole is paving the way for waste management, energy efficiency, water management, smart and sustainable mobility, and urban planning and design that targets carbon neutrality before 2050.

The phased development of San Tin Technopole is expected to welcome its first residents by 2031. Upon its full realization, it promises to deliver approximately 54,000 new housing units, redefining standards for innovation, sustainability, and community development within the Northern Metropolis.

Bridging Communities and Sentiments

AECOM’s role in fostering public engagement for CEDD and Planning Department projects has been pivotal. Through organizing consultation events such as briefings and exhibitions, we have successfully integrated a wide range of perspectives into the planning process of this critical development. These collaborative efforts have ensured that both expert advice and citizen insights are woven into the fabric of San Tin Technopole.

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