AECOM partnered with the USDN to create a climate change preparedness training toolkit to help local governments accelerate their progress in climate adaptation. This training will help equip government staff with the knowledge and resources to incorporate preparedness and resilience into their cities’ planning, engineering, operations and maintenance activities.

The Goal

The focus of the training is on climate-driven changes to coastal, riverine urban flood zones and their impact on municipal infrastructure, service delivery and supply chains. Embedding awareness, the toolkit works to disperse knowledge and information throughout teams and communities for more effective planning and a better understanding of risks.

Solutions and Involvement

There are two “tracks” within the toolkit. The first is an interactive exercise-based track, while the second is an innovative game-based track. Both facilitate group discussion and learning about evaluating climate hazards, climate vulnerability and risk assessments, and considering a range of appropriate adaptation measures. The toolkit includes real-world examples and customizable training materials, such as presentation slides, case studies and exercises.

Achievements and Outcomes

We prepared the training materials in collaboration with advisory cities, incorporated input from city pilot sessions and delivered a train-the-trainer workshop for USDN members at the 2016 Annual Meeting. Working with government employees in high-risk flooding areas, we can help improve their knowledge and awareness of the risks posed to their communities.

Our Work and the SDGs

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been adopted by countries to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all. AECOM supports the SDGs. You can read AECOM’s Sustainability Report 2016  to learn more about how our work on clients’ projects, like this one, is helping transform the world.