In response to rising production and logistical costs, Yorkshire-based food manufacturer Symington’s decided to reshore noodle production from China back to the UK. To ensure continuity of supply, the project needed to be completed quickly and cost effectively, so Symington’s opted to purchase second-hand food production equipment from China; the challenge was to ensure that this equipment was made compliant with UK and EU Health & Safety machinery regulations.

AECOM’s process specialists used their knowledge of industry best practice to initiate improvements to the machinery, ensuring its legislative compliance and enabling the plant to be put rapidly into production. The reshoring of the production line has provided substantial cost savings for Symington’s, whilst also contributing to the UK government’s reshoring strategy. AECOM also undertook ATEX studies and produced a Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) report for the safe installation and operation of the bulk flour delivery system to the noodle base mixing vessels.

In recognition of Symington’s support of the local economy, the grand opening of the new £2.5M plant was attended by local MP, Hilary Benn, who commended the project’s contribution to British manufacturing.

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