This project involving the two-stage development of a 53,000-square-foot shaded hangar required the demolition of eight buildings, including two aircraft maintenance hangars. The facility houses one C-17 aircraft and two C-130 aircraft in its 320-foot clear span hangar bay and also provides shop and support space. The hangar’s 300-foot by 60-foot high entry door provides a unique solution to containing Aqueous Film Forming Foam, an underwing fire suppression system.

In the project’s first phase, the hangar was built with minimum shop space. In phase two, 60,000-square-foot of maintenance shops were added to the facility, surrounding the hangar bay on three sides. Energy conservation and “green” (sustainable) architecture were pivotal issues in planning and designing this project, and its fast-track approach allowed only two months for field investigation and development of the concept design and cost estimate.