Sufficient water resources have increasingly become a challenge for sustainable urban development due to the growing demand from larger populations and ever more vibrant economic activities. While environmental protection policies leave limited options for alternate water supplies, water reclamation provides a new solution.

In recent years, it has been a challenge for the traditional water supply to meet demand in the City of Tainan. This is due to increased reservoir sedimentation following the devastating effects of Typhoon Morakot in 2009, and the termination of the Tseng-Wen Reservoir trans-basin diversion project. The city government has planned short-, medium- and long-term policies to increase its water supply. The reclamation of the Yong Kang Sewage Treatment Plant is part of the city’s medium-term water supply strategy, which is expected to effectively resolve the water shortage issues.

The project’s scope of services includes data collection and survey of the sewage treatment plant, feasibility study of water reclamation from the wastewater treatment plant’s effluent, development of a construction plan for the water reclamation plant, execution of pipeline and distribution plans, financial consultancy, preliminary environmental impact assessment and evaluation of operational and promotional strategies.