On the island of Sakhalin, off the east coast of Russia, AECOM is undertaking geotechnical investigations to prepare for the installation of the world’s largest Liquid Natural Gas tanks. Housing large reserves of oil and gas, the remote island is also in a sensitive ecological area. Off its coast, western grey whales feed in the summer; and local rivers are rich in salmon, providing an important source of local income. The island is in a very active seismic zone, and devising a solution to minimise environmental impact was critical.

Our engineers used an array of site investigation techniques, including seismic and geological hazard mapping, deep rotary drilling, a range of soil sampling methods, in-situ and laboratory testing and geophysical methods. Our team reported on the geotechnical conditions; identified the geotechnical constraints including seismically induced liquefaction and frost-heave and provided sustainable detailed designs for foundation design and earthworks for the terminal and tank farm, which posed minimum impact on the sensitive environment.


Patrick Cox