The RCBM Cement Capacity Upgrade Programme in the Philippines has reached a significant milestone of 1 million incident-free manhours.

The achievement of the Construction Services-led project demonstrates AECOM’s firm commitment to safety at all levels of involvement and results from continuous efforts to maintain safety such as educating all team members, promoting positive behaviour, getting everyone actively involved in safety initiatives and ensuring that people do not act in ways that hinder safety.

The plant upgrade programme, which started in mid-2017, includes five facilities. There are currently 1,050 employees working on construction activities.

Brett Smythe, Vice President, Construction Services, SEA said: “Following a similar milestone reached recently on the IKEA Project in Penang, Malaysia, it is pleasing to be able to acknowledge the hard work and effort our project-based teams put in every day to drive the continuous improvements toward our Incident Free target, particularly given the complex environments such as our Republic Cement project, which is upgrading around live operating plants.”

According to Francesco Sangalli, Project Director: “Safety is implemented from top to bottom at any entity involved in the project, whether it is the client, AECOM, contractors or sub-contractors. Our aim is to get leaders actively supporting our SH&E policy and to work with them to cascade our key safety messages. The safety of each person is everyone’s priority and all of us must be able to come to work safely and return home safely every single day, whether they are AECOM employees or otherwise.”

“There is no short cut to safety and the things we put in place to save a person’s life today will ensure that that same protection will be there for you and everyone else in the future.”

AECOM provides full programme management services of the design, procurement of contractors/vendors and construction of this project, happening under live operating conditions. The project is owned by Republic Cement Building Materials (RCBM), a CRH-Aboitiz Joint Venture.