We provide a diverse range of delivery methods and services throughout the project lifecycle for all sectors of civil construction.

Rail & Transit

Design, construction, construction management, vehicle procurement, and operation and maintenance of light rail systems, subways, streetcars, commuter/inter-city railroads, freight transport, people movers, bus rapid transit, high-speed rail, electrification, and multi-modal facilities.

Bridges & Roads

Design and construction of interstates/freeways, arterial highways/streets, interchanges, bridges, tunnels, and intelligent transportation systems, as well as operations and maintenance of toll roads.

Water & Wastewater

Design, construction, construction management, plant start-up, and testing of hydroelectric, water supply, irrigation and drainage facilities, water and sewage treatment plants, and hydraulic structures, as well as technical services including environmental and dam safety analyses.

Mining & Infrastructure

Feasibility studies, EPC, EPCM, permitting, mines management, operations and maintenance, and reclamation for energy minerals, precious and base metals, industrial metals, and oil sands.

Ports & Airports

Design, construction, electrical contracting, and operations and maintenance of airports (landside and airside), pier structures, port facilities, intermodal container transfer facilities (ICTF), and shipping rail yards.

SCCI Electric

SCCI Electric is a licensed Electrical Contractor, self-performing the electrical scope on many AECOM projects, subcontracting on others, as well as performing stand-alone electrical projects as the GC.

Legacy Foundations

Legacy Foundations is a leading self-perform geotechnical/foundations contractor with a full fleet of specialized equipment, including fleet, deep foundation cranes, oscillators, rotators and Lodrils.