AECOM’s multidisciplinary consulting team in Singapore provides the expertise needed to help our clients solve complex challenges across the built environment, both locally and globally.

We have been present in Singapore for more than 50 years and today we have over 700 employees in the country.
Our multidisciplinary practice highlights AECOM’s integrated strengths, spanning water, urban planning, landscape architecture, transportation, environment, building engineering, cost management and more. Our team provide services that span the entire asset lifecycle, from planning, design and engineering, to consulting and construction management.

This blend of local market insight and global expertise, alongside our industry-leading technological and digital solutions, is helping deliver infrastructure solutions while also prioritizing positive Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) outcomes.

Whether it is connecting people and services through mass rapid transit (MRT) lines, improving access to clean and safe water through the world’s first dual-mode desalination plant, or helping protect Singapore’s mangrove habitats, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their environmental and social value ambitions.

Together with our partners and clients, we are making our projects work for the communities they serve, and building legacies for future generations in Singapore and beyond.

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