Hydroelectric Generation

Our expertise in the planning, permitting, design and construction of dams and hydroelectric generating facilities is backed by more than 100 years of experience in the water-resources market.

We have built many of the world’s hydropower facilities. Our hydroelectric projects in more than 20 countries represent a combined output of more than 45,000 megawatts of capacity.

Our dam projects include earth and rockfill, concrete arch, mass concrete and roller-compacted concrete gravity dams, in addition to hybrid dams of timber crib, steel facing and concrete walls. Our proprietary instrumentation and data management system, known as DamSmart™, is used by large utilities and public agencies to assess the performance of dams.

An icon of hydroelectric power, the Hoover Dam, built in the 1930s, stands among our signature construction achievements. More recently, we performed services under an engineer-procure-construct contract for the San Roque Multipurpose Dam and Reservoir in the Philippines, one of the tallest earth and rock-fill dams in the world, and the winner of a Power Engineering magazine Top Project award.