1000th Inspection Completed Under National School Condition Data Collection Programme

AECOM has completed their 1000th inspection under the Education and Skills Funding Agency’s (ESFA’s) Condition Data Collection (CDC) programme delivered today at Granard Primary School, Wandsworth. The programme, launched in March, includes all of the schools (including Local Authority Maintained and Church Schools along with Academies) in England over the next three years. AECOM are collecting condition and management data based on visual surveys on around 5,5000 of the schools that will help the ESFA prioritise its future capital funding strategy.


The findings of the inspections are recorded on iPads using Kykloud, a highly intuitive software package, which translates output directly into reports. A key step change in the process, makes the work more effective as surveyors are more focused on delivering the surveys rather than preparing write-ups and can form the basis for ongoing asset management. The assessments are more streamlined too, with the focus on visual rather than more intrusive inspections.


As well as helping to target future capital investment, the programme is providing schools and responsible bodies – such as local authorities and academy trusts – with useful condition data about their sites. AECOM is gathering high-level contextual evidence about each school, the site and the buildings within it, as well as condition data for each building and information about key building management and compliance documentation.


The CDC programme will provide the ESFA with an improved and up-to-date evidence base which will help inform future funding allocations over this period, and help prioritise investment for the areas and establishments with the greatest condition need. It will also help identify school buildings for inclusion in future rebuilding programmes and inform initiatives to help those responsible for maintaining buildings develop their building management data. Data collected during the CDC programme may also be a useful supplement to locally held and collected condition data, and helpful as a starting point for the development of local maintenance programmes.


AECOM worked with the ESFA on a pilot phase prior to the start of CDC to help develop the data collection methodology and create the technical manuals and guides that are now being used by every surveyor and engineer working on the programme.


Helena Rivers, Project Director, AECOM, said: “Delivering our 1000th school survey marks an important milestone for the CDC programme and brings us one step closer to helping the EFSA achieve its goal of ensuring England’s schools estate is fit for purpose. Developing a comprehensive picture of the condition of all school buildings in England is vital to help target future investment where it is needed most. This latest milestone was achieved thanks to collaboration throughout the UK and the benefits of AECOM’s wide network of building surveyors and engineers.”


Our UK wide network of building surveyors and engineers ensures delivery of approximately 75 data collection site visits every week.


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