AECOM embraced an integrated approach to transform waterways into a vibrant green corridor by realizing the full potential of water infrastructure while preserving the area’s original nature.

A strategic initiative to improve the quality of water and life by integrating the drains, canals and reservoirs with the surrounding environment in a holistic way, AECOM was appointed by the Public Utilities Board to carry out consultancy services for the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters (ABC Waters) project at Sungei Tampines and Sungei Api Api.

The revitalized rivers, Sungei Api Api and Sungei Tampines, in the east of Singapore, were redesigned to blend the waterways with the surrounding parks and spaces, create more recreational area for the community and bring them closer to the waterfront.

AECOM’s team of water, landscape and environment professionals was responsible for designing appropriate Water sensitive urban design (WSUD) elements such as rain gardens and cleansing biotope to help filter and cleanse the rainwater runoff before draining into the rivers and at the same time increase the aesthetic value to the area. This was done through planting to enhance the greenery along the redesigned footpaths, park connector and concrete canal walls of the two rivers. Plant species were selected to provide distinct characters to each river, enhance the existing landscape and at the same time addressing maintenance and irrigation demands.

The area along the waterfront was also spruced up with more plants, wider footpaths and communal areas such as shelters, lookout decks and seats, allowing people to get closer to the waterfront. Educational sculptures and signages were included to raise environmental and heritage awareness for the two water bodies.

Our integrated delivery approach was recognized and the project received Active, Beautiful and Clean (ABC) Waters certification from national water agency Public Utilities Board, a nod to our contribution towards improving the quality of water and life for the community.


  • Biodiversity impact assessment
  • Contract administration
  • Environmental impact statement
  • Environmental management and monitoring plan
  • Hydrodynamic study
  • Planning and engineering design
  • Supervision of dredging works on waterways


  • Water sensitive urban design
  • Creation of spectacular natural beauty
  • Provision of functional stormwater drainage system
  • Urbanized catchment and development within each town

Completion date: 2015