The South Capitol Bridge replaces a decaying bridge spanning the Anacostia River, in honor of abolitionist icon and statesman Frederick Douglass.

Acting as project managers, engineers, urban designers and landscape architects, AECOM has led the design of the $600-million project, winning the commission through a design-build delivery process. As a major vehicular and ceremonial gateway into the city’s core area, the bridge encompasses over 30 acres of parkland, including two circulation ovals envisioned as active memorial sites. Through separate but coordinated assignments, AECOM also contributed to the project the urban vision for adjoining new development on both sides of the river, allowing the bridge to rise as a signature feature of a vibrant future waterfront without match within the DC Metro area.

While serving primarily as a vehicular passage, the project integrates green infrastructure in the form of multi-use trails, bio-retention swales and rain gardens, pollinator meadows, and extensive tree cover. Slated for completion in 2021, the bridge will revitalize the southwest section of the city, bringing about economic improvements to historically disadvantaged communities.