ETT, a joint venture between subsidiaries of American Electric Power and Mid American Energy Holdings Company, two of the largest transmission utilities in the U.S., hired AECOM to manage the CREZ (Competitive Renewable Energy Zones) Program. ETT is one of eight utilities building this 2,500-mile 345-kV grid, which will bring 18,500 MW of wind energy from West Texas to the consumers in Dallas/Ft. Worth and Austin.

It had been more than two decades since transmission line projects of this magnitude took place in the United States. ETT’s portion of the work is 460 miles of transmission lines and stations totaling $1.5 billion. If the conductor purchased for project was stretched from end to end, it would extend from Los Angeles to New York City and back. Our jobsite covered more than 40,000 square miles and was the largest project ever constructed in American Electric Power’s history.

AECOM managed this program from the early planning performed in 2010 through the energization in November of 2013. Our services included managing the right-of-way selection and acquisition, licensing, engineering, procurement and construction. We also managed two 50-acre storage yards involving more than 25,000 truckloads of material.