AECOM provided construction monitoring services for Hudson Ranch Power I (renamed the John L. Featherstone Plant), a 49 megawatt high-temperature geothermal power generation project that was built in approximately 21 months. It employs well-established geothermal power plant technologies, such as advanced steam flash and innovative brine-handling, to produce electricity from the naturally occurring geothermal brine stored in reservoirs thousands of feet beneath the earth’s surface. The plant’s design also ensures efficient water use, a key consideration for a project located in the southwestern U.S.

Hudson Ranch Power I (HRPI) is the first new standalone geothermal plant constructed within the Salton Sea geothermal resource located in Imperial County California in more than 20 years. The Salton Sea geothermal resource is one of the largest and highest temperature geothermal resources in North America. However, the presence of high minerals concentration makes energy project development in this resource a very specialized and challenging endeavor. Construction of the $400 million plant began in May 2010.

AECOM was contracted by EnergySource to represent the owner and investors of the HRPI project as the owner’s on-site construction monitor. AECOM brought extensive power-related construction and project management experience to the integrated project team. In addition, AECOM provided specialists—including a metallurgist, an electrical distribution system expert, and a welding engineer—to Hudson Ranch to consult on various aspects of the project.


Power Engineering and Renewable Energy World Magazine’s Best Geothermal Project of 2012