Country Fire Authority (CFA)


AECOM is conducting an Environmental Audit for PFAS impacts at the CFA Fiskville site, in line with EPA requirements under the Victorian Environment Protection Act (1970). The training facility operated from the early 1970s until its closure in 2015, using firefighting foams (AFFF) during live fire training. AECOM is reviewing documents related to the environmental assessment programs, ESA reports, ecological and health risk assessments and CFA’s Clean Up Plans. AECOM has completed an Environmental Audit Report addressing site assessments, identifying data gaps and providing recommendations. A further Audit Report is planned on completion of the remediation to assess the environmental condition of the site and its suitability for future use.

AECOM is assisting CFA meet its regulatory requirements within an environment of constant change in technical, ecological and human health risk and regulatory information regarding PFAS.