At a time when Covid restrictions were limiting site visits, 3D LiDAR scanning was used to collect information about Transgrid’s substation assets and communicate them to a broad project team.

AECOM was engaged by Transgrid for installation of one (1) 66kV 10MVAr capacitor bank at Panorama 132/66kV Substation and one (1) 132kV 10MVAr capacitor at Orange North 132kV Switching Station. Once complete, the works will improve the reliability of TransGrid’s network in the Orange area as power demand increases.

During the site inspections of Panorama and Orange North Substations there was an opportunity to conduct a 3D LiDAR survey which helped in confirming site conditions and design aspects that the designers may have missed on site.


Maturing the captured site reality data into a simulated real-world data model via captured point clouds, enabled visualisation of existing equipment, extraction of existing data and implement design scope to ultimate constructable solution. Creating a digital twin also allowed the project design team to assess equipment clashes, high voltage clearance compliances, buildability, and safety in design.


Using a 3D LiDAR scanning to capture site data accurate to ± 3mm resulted in:

  • Production of design solutions not assumptions
  • Improvement, clarification, and verification of the existing drawings using 3D point cloud data
  • Reduced risk of redesigning (no guesstimation)
  • Reduced risk of safety incident (no tape measures in HV environments)
  • Reduced number of site representatives
  • Decreased time required on site.