Hong Kong’s Central-Wan Chai Bypass and Island Eastern Corridor Link seeks to alleviate traffic congestion by providing an east-west strategic route along the north shore of Hong Kong Island. AECOM is providing design and construction supervision on land formation for the project.

We are providing design and construction services to form a landmass on which to construct a vehicle tunnel. The land formed under the project will be developed as a waterfront promenade. The work involves over 1,200 staff and workers, including 190 of our employees.

Workers on site are exposed to hazards such as heavy equipment, confined workspaces, being hit by falling objects and site vehicles as well as environmental risks like heat stress or the threat of drowning. High employee turnover adds an additional challenge. Communication with clients, contractors and stakeholders is imperative to understand the risks and prevent these safety hazards from becoming incidents.

Safety Solutions

To counteract these safety hazards, the project team took an unusual approach to safety training: role play, video messaging and access to a detailed safety library were used to instil a deep understanding of proper safe working procedures for all site staff. Further training was provided to help staff understand the Last-Minute Risk Management tool, a visualized, systematic way to teach case analysis techniques, making it easier for staff to comprehend the risks on site and their corresponding safety measures.

Achievements and Outcomes

This project was one of our highest Project Safety Review scores in 2016, receiving a total of 97 percent overall. It was also recognized with a quarterly safety performance award. The project’s safety program was measured by how successfully it achieves our Life-Preserving Principles in practice.