AECOM Mexico participated in the baseline studies, regulatory framework evaluation, permits strategy and preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Risk Study, (Regional EIS and Level 3 Risk Study), according to the requirements of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) for the construction and operation of a Liquefied Natural Gas Plant in Baja California.

The EIS included the development of: general project information; project description; compliance with applicable planning and regulatory requirements; regional environmental baseline and development trends; impacts analysis and alternative identification; prevention and mitigation measures; regional environmental forecasts and evaluation of alternatives, and supporting technical information.

The Risk Study included the development of: general data; general project description; environmental and socioeconomic aspects; project integration of policies specified in Urban Development Plans; process description; risk analysis and assessment; conclusions and recommendations, and technical data and reference material.

As part of the Project, AECOM submitted the EIS and Risk Study to SEMARNAT and followed up with the authority throughout the authorization process. After Authorization, AECOM developed environmental programs in order to comply with the Project Authorization Conditions issued by DGIRA. AECOM was also responsible for the implementation of the environmental programs requested by DGIRA including: environmental quality follow-up program; biodiversity protection and conservation program; compensation program.