AECOM, together with Swedish consultants ÅF, designed one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Sweden – the E4 Stockholm Bypass. This new dual, three-lane motorway will connect the northern and southern parts of the city and relieve congestion in Stockholm.

The Stockholm Bypass is a new motorway link that will connect the northern and southern parts of Stockholm, relieving traffic in the city centre. Most of the route, some 18km, will be underground. It will be the longest road tunnel in the world with a total length of over 50 km.

Together with ÅF, AECOM delivered design services under two major contracts for the project: an important interchange at Akalla/Häggvik, and the rock tunnels. When completed, the bypass will comprise two parallel road tunnels, carrying traffic in opposite directions. Both tunnels will have three lanes, increasing to four at the six interchanges along the route.

At their deepest point, the tunnels will be almost 100m below ground. The complicated multilevel interchange at Akalla/Häggvik will connect to the rock tunnels. It involves the construction of new bridges, underpasses, further tunnels and retaining walls, as well as the upgrade of existing structures.

AECOM’s use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) has been key to managing the complexities of this major infrastructure project. The design phase will be delivered by more than 500 people from 19 different disciplines across seven different countries. In 2013, AECOM won the Innovation in Roads category at the Bentley Be Inspired Awards for its use of BIM on the project.

You can read more about AECOM’s use of BIM on the project in Think Ahead magazine.