Alternative Delivery Models

No one has more experience with alternative delivery models around the world in more markets than AECOM. From public-private partnerships and design-build, to integrated project delivery and construction management-at-risk, AECOM can help you find the most suitable approach for your needs.

Overcome a financing hurdle. Guarantee cost. Reduce risk. Find efficiencies between planners, designers and builders. There are a lot of reasons to look to alternative delivery methods.

Alternative delivery can often surmount hurdles that the traditional plan-design-bid process can’t, to achieve more desirable outcomes. Each approach has its own advantages and drawbacks. It’s worth exploring all the options to find the methods that best fit an owner’s objectives, timelines and constraints.

Integrated project delivery, with its continuous collaboration between the designer, builder and owner, allows direct sharing of data between the design and construction teams, and can reduce waste and improve efficiency.

A design-build approach merges design and construction responsibility into one company with a single point of accountability and a single contract, allowing for phased construction and simplified management.

Public-private partnership provides a financing mechanism that transfers financial, technical and operational risk of the project to a private party while guaranteeing performance.

AECOM works with clients to understand the unique conditions of their project and identify the most appropriate approach.