AECOM is greatly honored to receive three awards at the recently held Singapore Landscape Architecture Awards (SLAA) 2022 hosted by the Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects.

We received the Silver Award under the Research Category for the Rewilding our Urban Waterways Project in Sungei Ulu Pandan, and two Merit Awards for the Sungei Tampines Landscape Master Plan and the JTC CleanTech Three Landscape Master Plan.

The Singapore Landscape Architecture Awards aims to honor and set new benchmarks in design and best practices of landscape architecture.

“As an organization committed to delivering sustainability and resilience through our work, it is a great honor to have our work be recognized for excellence in the built environment through landscape analysis and planning,” shares Karen Tham, Executive Director, Urbanism + Planning, Master Planning, AECOM.

“Such recognition propels us to further innovate and develop collaborative solutions with our clients in enhancing livability and promoting sustainability for the benefit of all Singapore residents.”

The Rewilding our Urban Waterways Project in Sungei Ulu Pandan received the Silver Award and earned special citation for addressing a key issue facing Singapore and urban centers globally in the face of intensification and climate change. It identified issues and opportunities that go beyond traditional two dimensional landscape analysis and planning, and demonstrated the successful integration of technology and information to identify existing and found issues and to support proposed design outcomes.

In this research appointed by the Public Utilities Board (PUB), our team investigated how Singapore’s canals and waterways can address future global climate and weather trends, and explored a spectrum of nature-based solutions which can be adopted within Urban Singapore. Still an ongoing research, the design end goal is to reclaim the concrete waterways for nature and create new biodiversity corridors and habitats which will strengthen Singapore’s “City in Nature” vision.

Another project appointed by the PUB and the recipient of a Merit Award at the SLAA 2022 is the ABC Waters Sungei Tampines Landscape Master Plan. Through the master plan, park goer experience was enhanced with additional shrubs along the riverbanks and new footpaths created to bring residents nearer to the riverbanks. In addition to its aesthetic and functional improvements, it also features rain gardens which cleanse stormwater runoff before it is discharged into the waterway.​

The third project to be given a Merit Award is the JTC CleanTech Three Landscape Master Plan. CleanTech Three is the newest addition to the CleanTeach Park, which was completed in June 2022. It showcases innovative solutions in green building design in Singapore. It boasts of high-specification, fully-customizable spaces for clean technologies, urban solutions and manufacturing industries. It also features green initiatives such as an extensive pedestrian networks and bicycle paths and sheltered bicycle parking. Drought-resistant plants including native trees and shrubs were also selectively chosen to reduce water usage.