AECOM Singapore has become the first specifier consultant globally to achieve BSI Kitemark certification for Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Design and Construction and security-minded approach to information management, reflecting the new international standards ISO 19650-1, ISO 19650-2 and ISO 19650-5.

The certificate was presented to Yi Yng (YY) Jee, Country Representative, Singapore, AECOM in a hybrid event attended virtually by clients and partners such Land Transport Authority (LTA) Singapore and PT. MRT Jakarta, as well as Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) which supported our certification journey.

The internationally recognized accreditation from the British Standards Institution (BSI) further solidifies our position as a leader in delivering end to end project solutions of a world-class standard.

This was the culmination of half a year’s work to recognize the BIM department and to establish the team as having reached the highest possible standards in BIM. The Kitemark certification is the international benchmark for excellence in digital engineering and project delivery and covers the predominant asset lifecycle and the standards for which the BSI have a scheme.

ISO 19650-1:2018 and ISO 19650-2:2018 are the international standards for managing information across the design, construction and commissioning of a built asset using BIM, while ISO 19650-5:2020 covers taking a security-minded approach to information management using BIM. The latter addresses the steps required to create and cultivate an appropriate and proportionate security mindset and culture across organizations with access to sensitive information, including the need to monitor and audit compliance.

Yeap Beow Heng, Technical Director of Digital Engineering, Rail & Transit and Transportation shares, “I am delighted to have the chance to participate in this ISO 19650 certification exercise for AECOM that is supported by our top management. This is a significant achievement as we are the first specifier consultant globally to achieve BSI Kitemark certification for BIM (Building Information Modelling) in Design and Construction and security-minded approach to information management.”

“The Kitemark will standardize BIM adoption and practice, enabling the AECOM team to focus on information management centered on workflow including when to seek information, who is responsible for generating it, and when/ how it should be methodically shared throughout the project.”

Security minded BIM

As mentioned above, the AECOM Kitemark certification includes ISO 19650-5:2020 – a specification for security-minded management of sensitive information within building information modelling. Holding this certification provides our clients assurance that their data is safe in our hands, essential now in a world where data is the new currency.

Through project demonstration, the team ironed out the workflow and developed a manual to integrate the BIM process in both pre-contract and post-contract in our bid model.

Yeap Beow Heng expands, “A series of drafting standards, BIM User manual Tender BIM Assessment form, Information security assessment form, Pre-Contract BIM execution plan (BEP) and Post-Contract BIM execution plan (BEP) have been developed to offer a consistent way of working across all our projects.”

Moving forward, BIM helps us to enhance efficiency, which is an added benefit for both AECOM as well as our clients. The volume of information available to us now will enable us to capture the BIM scope and bidding cost accurately and improve collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, ultimately leading to the successful delivery of projects.