Accenture’s Center for Industry X.0 occupies a building designed for a Technology Museum close to Bilbao.

The building was transformed to host a new use as a Workplace including co-working space for 80 workers, networking and meeting areas and a Showroom where prototypes could be shown to industrial customers. Acupuncture strategy was applied to selectively activate the necessary points of the building, opening holes to bring natural light inside, and to unveil deep perspectives through its labyrinthine structure, making it more livable, bright and enjoyable.

A new mezzanine was built in the high side of the Collaboration hall, providing a privileged panoramic view of the space. It helped increasing the building’s net area and provided space for 10 more workstations, a canteen, meeting room and IT workshop under it.

The Showroom is equipped with three moving circular platforms (using a robot AVS/R) to provide a unique and highly reconfigurable and technologically equipped space that helps the company showcase their cutting-edge technological background and leadership in digital transformation. The Center was equipped with a complete monitoring system, showcasing the building’s production/consumption balance.

The Industry X.0 Center is a success case, for its:

  • Exemplary demonstration that Reuse is viable alternative to consider, even in such extremely different programs (museum/workplace) due also to sustainability reasons.
  • Contemporary approach and fine answer to the architectural challenges it posed.
  • Acupunctural strategy aimed to selectively choose the appropriate points of intervention, respecting the quality and the genetics of the original building.
  • Delicate refurbishment through small tactical interventions able to modify scale, light and program.
  • Fine-tuned integration of architectural design, interior design and graphic design, making it difficult to to separate one from the other two without losing something important.
  • Efficiency in a speedy design process of 5 weeks and hectic construction in only 7 weeks.
  • Unveiled industrial beauty, hidden under a neutral white skin, which really allowed for this kind of intervention.