Fueled by proptech, collaborative office work, tech-enabled mobility, and the growth of subscription economy, the changes approaching the world of real estate, captured by the “space-as-a-service” paradigm, represent a trillion dollar-plus opportunity.

AECOM and Lendlease join forces to design and deliver a pilot project of approximately 2,000 sqm within the Temporary Development (MIND Village) of Milan INnovation District (MIND).  The project will test DEED (+ Digital Platform) Model aiming dis-intermediating the process and shortening the Value Chain between Tech and Users. It prepares the ground for more thorough Technology Innovation in the to-be-developed Full Scale project MIND. The project is largely inspired to AECOM’s “The Future of Infrastructure”.

The pillars of the Project are:

Enterprise Based Governance

Enterprise differs from traditional transactional arrangements. An enterprise is an integrated organisation, aligned and commercially incentivised to deliver better outcomes for customers. It’s a Mission-Driven company. The key suppliers, owner, advisor and integrator work as one team to optimize value. Reward in the enterprise is based on value added to the overall outcomes, not service provided.

Digital Lifecycle Ecosystem

The DEED couples the Delivery Model with a comprehensive Digital Platform. In The DEED digital twins are at least three if not four. They together build what is the called the digital lifecycle ecosystem. First, the digital product twin is used primarily to describe size, levels, walls, and wiring used for the simulation of BIM-compliant products. Second, the digital construction twin (or systems twin) improves the engineering efficiency, and is used for visualization, engineering, commissioning, simulation of system behavior, and AI learning. Third, the digital performance twin is used to improve operational efficiency, predictive maintenance, and dynamic simulation.

Service-Based Supply Relationships

In The DEED producers/suppliers are involved earlier and for longer periods for they have better ability to exploit the system capabilities while enhancing revenue generation. In MIND we will establish a Special Purpose Vehicle populated by Tech Companies, consultants, users, aiming at delivering services (Space Services, Experience Services, Data Services) instead of products and being remunerated from the effective and compliant results.