For the past six years, Google has been one of the most influential forces in changing the public perception of what inspiring and attractive office design should be like. In fact, the company has established a new and cutting-edge approach to workplace design at its various locations across the globe, and has defined an innovative standard that has inspired many other organizations, especially in the media and IT industries. As a partner to implement this strategy, Google choose AECOM to develop the global workplace guidelines and the overall design concept.

For the Google office in Munich, AECOM developed the detailed design concept, space planning and the construction drawings. The scope of work also included furniture consultancy for the office and for special furniture. Due to the massive growth of the headcount at Google in Munich, the existing offices had to be extended to house an additional 100 people.

At Google, the work environment is used as a strategic asset to support a wide range of employee needs. It intelligently addresses a growing demand for work-life integration, which translates into the creation of areas for having fun and relaxing at work. As part of this, the Munich office presents an exemplary work environment that ensures the “Googlers” feel inspired and energized at work.

The design theme for the Munich office includes a number of elements and references to the vernacular culture, such as a canteen inspired by a traditional beer garden and other playful twists on typical Bavarian features. The office space offers a variety of different settings for collaboration, as well as retreats for concentrated work.