Big data is big business, and New Zealanders now have access to one of the largest, most sophisticated data centres in the world – right in their own backyard.

Spark’s new NZ$60million Takanini Data Centre includes modular systems and base isolation bearings to maximize its resiliency; while the scalable power and cooling features provide an overall cost saving of approximately 20 percent.

Spark (formerly Telecom) along with Retail Holdings, AECOM and Hawkins Construction, worked closely together to design and build the data centre. AECOM’s designers discovered that base isolation would reduce the seismic loading on the building, meaning reduced foundations and a lighter structure to protect the sensitive IT equipment in the case of an earthquake event.

The team’s open, integrated approach resulted in the delivery of a state-of-the-art base isolated building for less than a traditional piled solution.

The new data centre was officially opened on 31 October, 2014.


  • Hawkins Construction |Retail Holdings |Spark