Centrally located in Suzhou Industrial Park, the Suzhou Olympic Sports Centre (SZOSC) is a large-scale project with site area of approximately 60 hectares and GFA of 360, 000 square meters.

It is comprised of five facilities on a single campus, including a 45,000-capacity stadium, a 13,000-seater indoor arena, an international-standard swimming complex, an athletics track and training center, and a 17-floor commercial building with 4-floor podiums and basement carpark. It is the only facility of its kind in Suzhou and the country’s first garden-like sports complex and first ecological sports park applying smart management technologies, engaging the community and citizens of Suzhou in daily activities.

With their curved roofs, the buildings form a distinct ensemble and a new center of that part of the city. For the very first time in China, a single-skin cable network roof construction has been used to cover the large sports buildings, which also put forward high requirements for construction. As the construction management supervisor of this project, AECOM led the participating units in a lean management approach and broke through various technical difficulties encountered in the construction.

It is worth mentioning that QR code was innovatively applied in the construction management. From every work link to each construction material, were all equipped with a specific QR code. After scanning, we could know the specific implementation party, construction party, material use and quality control situation, making the whole management process more scientific and informationized.

In addition, the whole project lasted for over 1300 construction days, and during the peak time, 4,500+ workers from 20+ different contractors worked on site amidst lots of high hazardous works. However, under AECOM’s management, the SZOSC Project achieved a record of 20 million working hours without serious incidents. The key in safety success was the approach of “Caring people” and “Nine Life Principles” which made us stand out from the industry. AECOM team systematically implemented a series of safety measures, such as pre-planning, various risk analysis, safety trainings, safety inspections, safety meetings, serious unsafe issues rectification meetings, safety performance reviews, emergency response plan development and drills, implementation of rewards and punishments scheme, and always committed to providing a good life entertainment environment for construction workers to relieve physical and mental fatigue. On the project, every one of our team was responsible for safety, and by strictly implementing our “Nine Life Principles”, we have achieved the amazing safety record and won full respect and trust from the client, contractors and the government.

So far, this project has won many awards and become a role model in safety management in Jiangsu Province, China’s second largest economy. We have hosted many visits and studies by peers, which inspires to elevate the safety management standard of the whole industry. At the end of 2019, the stadium project won the Luban Prize, the highest award in the field of the quality of construction engineering in China, and the commercial plaza project has passed the selection of National Quality Engineering Award.


  • Safety Model Project of Jiangsu Civilized Construction Award
  • Model Project of National Green Construction Award
  • 2018-2019 China Construction Engineering Luban Prize (National Quality Project)