The Kai Tak Site 1B – Tak Long Estate is located within the Kai Tak Redevelopment Area, occupying 5.7 hectares of the former Kai Tak International Airport. This is the first large-scale residential rental development under the Hong Kong Housing Authority’s Integrated Procurement Approach (IPA), which is geared toward easing the constricted housing market.

AECOM provided engineering services, working collaboratively on a fast-track schedule across disciplines to deliver sustainable design, as well as high-quality, innovative, safe and cost-efficient solutions that not only benefited the client, but also had a positive impact on the community.

Nine non-standard public rental housing blocks provide 8,164 units, which can accommodate more than 19,000 residents. Elevated covered walkways connect the housing blocks, a 3-story car park building, a 2-story commercial centre and a one-story kindergarten building. To improve the living environment, 700 trees were planted to provide a canopy for more than 30 percent of the area.

The project has been highly recognized in the industry due to the use of precast techniques, including newly introduced Volumetric Precast Bathrooms. The development received a Structural Excellence Award (Commendation Merit) from the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers and a Hong Kong BEAM Plus “Gold” Rating.