Major corporations are striving to do more to tackle issues such as climate change, energy efficiency, carbon emission reduction and resource management in the name of sustainability – but only a few are treating it with urgency.  Success stories are found in corporations that have strong accountability systems in place.

This sentiment was shared during a panel discussion called Sustainability Best Practices  Sharing Best Practices and Success Stories where Dr Thomas Tang, Director, Sustainability & Corporate Initiatives, Asia, participated.

The discussion was part of the National Conference on Sustainability, Climate Change & CSR organized by the Asian Leadership & Strategy Institute (ASLI) in Kuala Lumpur recently.

“In Malaysia, issues like climate change and global warming can affect urban industries as well as rural economies because they increase the risk of drought, flooding and natural disasters,” Dr Tang said.

“Companies that tackle these issues in their surrounding communities and try to mitigate the impact, not just to the public, but to themselves as a corporation, tend to produce tangible results. The Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs that have been released provide a good framework for businesses to align their measures with national and global objectives.”  

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