AECOM reaction to 2019 General Election

“With his majority secured, I hope the Prime Minister will now push ahead with his vision for an Infrastructure Revolution to improve our communities. At the Conservative Party conference, he promised to ‘level up’ all areas of the UK through infrastructure investment, now is the time to set the wheels in motion and deliver on his promises.

“I would advise the Prime Minister that if he is to efficiently deliver his promised additional £100 Billion in infrastructure spending whilst delivering his net-zero target, then this should start with a transparent and informed approach, with a published Infrastructure strategy. Something that sadly was omitted from his election manifesto.

“Mr Johnson’s Government must ensure they promote the positive impact this investment will have on our communities, explaining how new and improved infrastructure will create a path for economic growth, community cohesion and a better standard of living for large numbers of people. Focusing on housing – strategic investment in transport, utilities and community infrastructure will unlock further investment allowing developers to deliver large-scale community projects.

“Whilst his manifesto did promise to look at the findings of the Oakervee review, in my mind there is no doubt, HS2 must go ahead. Complimented by Northern Powerhouse Rail and a significant investment in the Midlands Rail Hub, these transport projects will release capacity, create jobs and transform the country – building a legacy for generations to come.

“To see Modern Methods of Construction mentioned in the Conservative manifesto was a big boost for the likes of AECOM who in partnership with RSHP have developed an exciting offsite modular housing solution. We now wait with bated breath to see how the new Government will follow through on their promise of providing support to the adoption of new methods of delivery. I would suggest tackling the issues with procurement would be a good place to start.

“In short Prime Minister, it’s time to ‘get infrastructure done, unleash Britain’s potential’ and build better communities.”

David Barwell, Chief Executive, UK&I, AECOM