AECOM is providing strategic planning services for cities participating in 100 Resilient Cities—pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation (100RC). The program supports 100 cities globally in tackling issues of globalization, urbanization and climate change by developing a resilience strategy under the leadership of a chief resilience officer, whose salary is paid for two years by the program.

100RC addresses a broad range of challenges: struggling economies, lagging transit systems, crime, food and water shortages, natural disaster, disease and terrorism.

AECOM has assisted eight cities—Berkeley, U.S.A., Christchurch, New Zealand, Medellín, Colombia, Melbourne, Australia, Mexico City, Mexico, Oakland, U.S.A., Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and San Francisco, U.S.A.—that have already published their resilience strategies. The company is currently working with another 22 cities that have embarked on the process.

Members of the AECOM team report regularly on their work with various cities on the Connected Cities blog.