FORS, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme, is a national voluntary accreditation system dedicated to raising standards across the road transport industry to make fleets safer, smarter, and greener. The Transport for London (TfL) concession has been successfully managed by AECOM since 2015.

AECOM manages the growth of the scheme, the development of members’ benefits and provides vital member support services including the FORS Helpline.

The FORS team provides members with guidance and support to successfully move through its progressive levels and embed measurable best practise across their fleets.

During AECOM’s five-year tenure, FORS has dramatically expanded its offering, growing from a London-centric organisation focused on truck fleets, to becoming the UK’s chosen voluntary accreditation for commercial vehicle fleets of all sizes.

The scheme now boasts over 4,900 members across the UK and Europe, representing more than 113,000 vehicles with accreditation tailored to meet the differing needs of taxis, mopeds, buses, coaches, vans, HGV fleets and single vehicle operators.

Under AECOM’s management, FORS is now frequently written into procurement contracts, with more than 200 organisations specifying FORS to help them raise the standards of their transport supply chains. FORS works closely with national infrastructure projects across the UK, including Thames Tideway and HS2, and has partnerships with several local authorities, helping them maximise safety and efficiency across the road transport supply chain, and improving air quality across the UK.

Operating fleets in a safer, smarter, and greener way applies equally to public and private sector organisations. Most local authorities have their own vehicle fleets whether operated in-house or run by a contractor. It is worth exploring the potential benefits of FORS membership in each area in conjunction with fleet managers.

Key services

Fleet management, safety compliance, efficient operations, helping decarbonise the operation