AECOM is playing a major role in modernising Croatia’s entire rail network. The programme comprises upgrades and extensions to help Croatia’s rail network meet EU requirements. Through its multidisciplinary design services role, AECOM is doubling the track on existing lines within Croatia, as well as its links with other European countries.

AECOM holds two contracts to deliver the rail work. Under the first contract, the company is designing a new 70 kilometre-long double railway track connecting new stations in Goljak and Skradnik in the Karlovac Region. AECOM’s role includes the design of all bridges, roads and power supplies associated with the new line.

Under a second contract, AECOM is working with Spanish Consultant IDOM to upgrade the section of the network linking the two northern cities of Križevci and Koprivnica. This strategic 41 kilometre line connects with Hungary and forms part of pan-European corridor that links Budapest in Hungary with the Croatian seaport city of Rijeka. AECOM’s designs will double the existing single track and increase capacity on this busy freight route.