At more than four million square feet, the GM Springhill Assembly plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee, is one of the largest and most technologically advanced industrial complexes ever built.

From start to finish, AECOM was in charge of program and construction management and technical debugging of the state-of-the-art auto manufacturing plant.

AECOM’s services included construction of five major structures (powertrain, press plant, body shop, assembly, and paint shop), as well as a powerhouse and railroad facilities. The plant was initially designed to produce 250,000 cars of various designs during a sales year with a just-in-time materials inventory control system. The facility utilizes state-of-the-art automated systems.

  • The plant was designed to be part of the landscape, not an intrusion. To capture the antebellum feeling of the surrounding countryside, a handsome old southern mansion and its surrounding property were blended into the complex.
  • The five major structures encompass more than four million square feet of floor space. The plant is approximately one mile long by half a mile wide.
  • In addition to the six million cubic yards of rock and dirt that were excavated, 16 miles of paved roads were built to provide access.