AECOM delivered a comprehensive freight strategy for Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) on behalf of the ten constituent councils in Western Scotland. The freight strategy provided SPT members with a better understanding of freight, recommended efficiencies in the sector and also secured a role in acting as an enabler for the wider Scottish economy, contributing to the refresh of the Regional Transport Strategy (RTS).

Development of the strategy required comprehensive research and data collection, stakeholder engagement and Freight Quality Partnership (FQP) meetings. This provided a varied evidence base which helped to develop the initiatives as part of the freight strategy.

The research phase included a comprehensive and innovative programme of data collection.

Key ambitions were developed to provide a framework which allowed the emerging issues to be grouped under six headings in a systematic fashion. The 21 identified interventions formed the basis of a robust summary action plan for SPT and the FQP.

Key services

Freight strategy development, freight data collection and analysis, stakeholder engagement