AECOM and Accenture Spain have been working together since 2008, but it wasn’t until 2014 that the company looked to evolve its work environments to include more innovative spaces.

This led AECOM to deliver eight projects, each challenged to go beyond the previous, in accordance with Accenture’s culture of constant evolution in business.

The two most notable projects were the transformation of the Corporate Offices in Madrid and the DIGITAL HUB, a space for collaboration, co-creation and customization for each client’s experience, which was designed and executed in only six months.

The Digital Hub was created to represent and support Accenture’s leadership in the digital transformation market and digital solutions strategies. The space supports areas for collaboration and co-creation to be used with clients and other partners, like young start-ups with great ideas and unique knowledge.

The entire space can be reconfigured. Forty percent of the space is dedicated to client experiences and 60% is collaborative workspace. This flexible, high-energy showcase space has been a magnet for clients, partners, employees and new recruits alike.

Accenture Madrid, Spain

Accenture Madrid, Spain